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Nokia Phones have captured a good market in mobile phone industry. But, in competition of Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson also coming with good phones and operating systems. Nowadays, people also becoming tech savvy and they want good application support, operating ease with good looks and stunning hardware configuration. With a view to that, Nokia is also constantly upgrading its operating system that we call Symbian O3. But, people find good and free range application in Android platform.

Nokia has recently introduced so many phones with new concept which are highly competitive.

4 Mistakes : Will Crush/Decrease Your Search Engine Ranking

Nowadays, I am focusing on professional blogging, But When I started to work in blogging world, roughly in 2007, i started with blogger. In those days I used to do some tricks with blogger. I remember, In first phase of my blogging career, It took me 2 days to remove Navigation Bar from Blogger. Then I moved towards SEO, and played around with 18-20 website, used some tricks (Black Hat & White Hat both). I ranked well for some most searched and competitive keyword like online dating, online poker, free movie download, free download, watch online and so on. Google banned many of my blogs and sites from search engine due to those reasons. Objective of doing those thing was not to make money but to learn something......

How Long Tail Keyword useful to Your Blog in Search Engine Ranking ?

I think, All SEO are known to Long Tail Keyword, or atleast they have heard about it. Everybody knows that when you search with some keyword in google search engine, google find your keyword in it's data base and give you most specific pages in Search Engine Page Results. That was a day when all SEO were looking for 1 or 2 term optmization in search engine like online dating, online poker etc. But, In Dynamic and fast changing world of SEO, there has been wide change in all these definitions. Now, everybody focus on long tail keyword. So, Let's Get Some details about it....

What is DropBox ? How It is UseFul To you ?

This is the article which shows how dropbox can help you? DropBox is something like pen drive or external hard disk in virtual form. If you have to work from different computers or laptops then transferring useful data from computer to computer is very hectic practice.. So at this time, DropBox will help you... See this video to enlarge your knowledge and ease of use..

Want To Increase Traffic and Sales - Try Facebook marketing !

Here is wonderful infographics i got from .. In this infographics they have xplained how a facebook can be helpful in fetching more sales and traffic?