Everywhere, you want privacy, but many times it’s not practically maintainable. Same case here in PCs & Laptops also. There is some important stuff in our PCs and Laptops which should not be seen to other people!!! So, How to hide that important stuff which should not be found out by other people??? Someone will say to use some FolderLock softwares or any other external applications should be used or other will say we will give password to our user so no one can access our document.

          But it is not possible when your friend rushes to you and ask for your laptop to see a movie, at that time you can’t deny, you have to give laptop to him and nowadays, everybody knows how to find hidden files from the hard drive, Even If, It is attributably hidden.

          So, if you are also looking for the solution for the same issue, then this tutorial is the easy answer for the same. Here is the tutorial which will solve your problem without any use of external applications and without boring edits……

Steps to hide hard drive partition:
‘DiskPart’ is a specific command which handles the matter about letter of Hard Drive Partition.
“Hard Disk” + “Partition” = DiskPart
  •  Press WIN + R
  •  Type “Diskpart”

  • Then Type “List Volume”.
This command will show all partitions in your hard drive.

After that you have to set the focus on the particular drive which you want to hide.
So ,
  • Type “Select Volume 4” [Here I am Hiding F:\]

Now Drive F:\ is selected. So whatever command You will give, It will be applied to F:\ Drive.
To Hide F:\ Drive
  • Type “Remove letter f”

Now, You can Check It Out, Your F:/ Drive is not appearing in “My Computer”. Note: We are not deleting the whole partition but only removing the “letter [Here (f)]” which is assigned to the partition.
Once it has disappeared you will again want it to appear when needed, so here is how you can do it:
  • Type “assign letter f”

It’s all done, you can check it again, and it is re-appearing in the “My Computer”
I think this trick is geeky enough and your friend will not be knowing it, So This would be the solution for your answer.