IBM , The Old is Gold, is developing a smartphone application by such an artistic and logistic algorithm by which a smartphone will automatically judge the traffic jam on the roads between the office and home and gives proper judgment about which road should be taken. This will help the people who are living in metro city and who suffers from traffic.

This application is powered by First of its Kind Learning and Predictive Analytic Tool named Traffic Prediction Tool (TPT) developed by IBM Research.

Traffic Prediction Tool continuously analyzes the traffic data which is gathered by satellite and sent to phone via internet and GPS simultaneously. After Analysing this data it gives proper jugment about the location, speed, time, distance ETC. But, I think This will not be available for all the region, as it need specialized predefined data entry for road maps.

The motto after devepoping such an wonderful application to make phones more personal and gives this judgment before they about to leave may be as a TEXT message.


This will take time to come in India but it will be wonderful service for Delhi, Mumbai, Pune and Banglore.