Nowadays, I am focusing on professional blogging, But When I started to work in blogging world, roughly in 2007, i started with blogger. In those days I used to do some tricks with blogger. I remember, In first phase of my blogging career, It took me 2 days to remove Navigation Bar from Blogger. Then I moved towards SEO, and played around with 18-20 website, used some tricks (Black Hat & White Hat both). I ranked well for some most searched and competitive keyword like online dating, online poker, free movie download, free download, watch online and so on. Google banned many of my blogs and sites from search engine due to those reasons. Objective of doing those thing was not to make money but to learn something......

Today, after those good and bad experiences, I have figures out some areas or topic which may nagetively affect your SEO or Search Engine Ranking. This are common mistakes which are practiced by new blogger or persons who are no deep in SEO.

1. Backlinks and Anchor Text
Everybody knows, backlinks is the best way to boost your search engine ranking. Best way to get backlinks is Link Exchange, Guest Posting and Blog Commenting On Do-Follow blogs.
Now, Core part of backlinks is Anchor Text. Many of the webmasters go on creating their backlinks with only one keyword. This will help the blog / site in short term but in long term your search engine ranking may fall heavily.
In Short, You should try to rotate your anchor text often, this will positively affect your search engine ranking. I never create backlinks with one keyword above 20% of my total backlinks.
2. On Page Optimization For Internal Pages
When you optimize your website for search engines, you may be good at Meta Tags and Keyword. However, Many of You may forget to create backlinks to your internal pages or posts.
Your homepage is really matters, but 100% of your pages is linked to your homepage is not possible and unnatural. I personally try to create 70-80% of my links are bound internally. And the best way to do this is to make sure your internal pages have really good content.
You will notice in short time that, as your internal pages will start getting more links; rankling of your home page will also go up. Because, Search engines never rank your site page by page, it evalute website as a whole. This is the reason why Wikipedia is ranked for millions of keywords.
3. Purchasing backlinks or Bulk Backlinks Creation
I think you have heard the story of Rabbit and Turtle. But My question is.. How many of you follow the essence of that story.
Leave it.. and let's come to the topic. When you start creating backlinks you need to see how many backlinks your competitors have and how many you are having? This will give you clear idea about how much work is to be done.
For Example, If my competitors having 50,000 backlinks with 2 years old domain and now i am having only 1,000, then everybody will say that as soon as possible i should cross that limit. right?? no..... You should not be too fast in case of backlinks. You may proceed by creating 10-15% backlinks per month with respect to competitors domain age. So approximately, I will create 2000 backlinks a month, not more than that.
Don’t fall into the trap of building links quickly, Never try to create backlinks in bulk, this will help you in short run but it will hurts a lot in long run. Never purchase backlinks. Rather, as per my point of view, sometimes manual link exchange also gives too many links, that may be harmful for website in long run.
4. Content : ?????(may be SEO | SEM | SMO) = 60:40
On many of blogs, every writer says content is main thing. I also agree but only content is worthless. Content is worth when it is read and no one have your website at toung, so what to do to make visible your content to your prospective readers?
Create Unique Title with 60 Charaters

Don't include Website name in you title tag

Your meta description tag needs to be unique, represent the content on the page and contain around 25 or so words.

dont write for search engine, write for readers.

Essence ::

There are so many things can be tried with SEO, but be careful before you choose them. In Some Case, You may notice your ranking is going up in short run, but in long run it may go down. And before you figure it out, it’ll be too late.
I would like to know If you are having some techniques !!!