Have You Heard A Word... Imagination????  humm... Imagination is dynamic and versatile. It can be said that imagination means think differently. Just, I come across an article which containcs this....

This is a keyword in which all letter of keyboard denoted by brand name. Argentinian designer Ignacio Pilotto has applied his wonderful imagination and creativity to form this branded computer keyboard. This is QWERTY keybord but all alphabets are replace by some of most valuable and recognized brands.
Take A Full Look of this keyboard,

Here are all brand in QWERTY order,

Adidas, Burger King, Coca Cola, Disney, eBay, Facebook, Google, HP, Intel, J&B, Kodak, Lacoste, McDonald's, Nike, O2, Pepsi, Quaker, Rolling Stone, Shell, Twitter, Unilever, Virgin, WordPress, Xerox, YouTube and Zippo.
I really like this concept and i think You will never find it in stores because all brand will oppose for the same.!!