I think, All SEO are known to Long Tail Keyword, or atleast they have heard about it. Everybody knows that when you search with some keyword in google search engine, google find your keyword in it's data base and give you most specific pages in Search Engine Page Results. That was a day when all SEO were looking for 1 or 2 term optmization in search engine like online dating, online poker etc. But, In Dynamic and fast changing world of SEO, there has been wide change in all these definitions. Now, everybody focus on long tail keyword. So, Let's Get Some details about it....
Hmm.. I will explain you in most simple language and with easy example. That will make you uderstand better.

Assume That, You are SEO and you are doing SEO of a movie site. Now you are making analysis of search terms for movies search. Suddenly you realized that there is so much competetion for some terms like "movie download" , "free download" etc. So, what to do now, It seems that it will take so much time. You will think what is the easy way to do it?? right??

Here it is,

You should make some forcast about some keyword that will user search with long keyword. Any give that long title in your post and you will rank at nearly top in search engine. Make sure that title is long but dont exceed 120 characters.

You have take care of your content. You should be having unique content. If you will go with copyright content then you will kicked off from search engine.

Here is One of my targeted keyword, Take a look ...

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