Paypal is most used website for freelancer and blogger to send and recieve payments. Recently, Indian goverment has put a limit of 500$ dollar is already sucking me and then they made anther mandatory term that all Indian users have to furnish their PAN number and Purpose Code in order to withdraw funds from bank account.

Yesterday, I logged into my paypal account and found this.!!!!

Then, For Know This in deep i browse some more pages, And Got This...
However, I don't have any problem with this rule because I have my PAN no. and All. But, 500$ limit is very irritating... 

In detail, PayPal Told me this..

In accordance with Indian regulations, selecting a purpose for your transactions (i.e. purpose code) is essential. By choosing a purpose code, you help the regulators in identifying the exact nature of your cross-border transaction. This is required to withdraw (or transfer) funds from your PayPal account to your local bank account. It’s a onetime selection and the purpose code you add is stored and used as a default purpose code for all your transactions, until you select a different one.

I don't understand the meaning and reason of this act or rule. But i know that it is really a furstrating movements for bloggers or freelancers who is making good money from internet or blogs.