Facebook.... Facebook.... Facebook... Huh... This word has become more popular with us then our own name. ... Humm,, Leave it. Quickly Comimg to the topic. Facebook has always denied to launch own Facebook Phone like Skype and other services. But, simultanously Facebook is being integrated in other phones to maximize user's experience. Recently Launched, Sony Ericsson’s Xperia series is the latest in a series that we can call “deeply integrated”with Facebook functionality at their core instead of in third-party, standalone apps.

This mobile give integrated service for about syncronization of 5 things,

  • Calendaring Birthday Events,
  • Keep Tagged Photos in Memory
  • Like Button In Music & Video Player
  • Easy Post Update
So, This are some Core Integrated Feature of Sony Xperia Series. Other Phones also coming in market with Deep Integration with Facebook Functionality.