Hello Everybody, I am Mihir Naik 20 years, academically a commerce student as I am doing C.A & B.Com. Blogging is my preferential choice in free time, rather then gossiping with friends or hangout on roads....

Talking about my life on Internet, I stepped into this blogging world in August 2009, I was totally unaware of "Admin" place or.. may be said, webmaster. I played around with 20-24 websites for learning all this things, many I failed also, but every time I have learned some thing from those failure.

Nowdays, I successfully running 2 website and this blog is 3rd one. I started this blog only to share something of which I am aware. Technically, This is niche less blog , I do not post something of one-two particular field.

I also do freelancing for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so this is another good source of making money online on Internet.  I don't think making money online is difficult, the only thing required is your approach.

I will cover latest news, gossip, technology, SEO, blogging, facebook, twitter, spirituality and some other topics. Thanks.

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